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How Google manages their people – OKR, Objectives and Key Results

If there’s one management process that’s taken Silicon Valley by storm, it’s OKR – Objectives and Key Results. Used by Google, Twitter, LinkedIn, Sears and many others, it’s the easiest method to have people in a team moving in one direction. Here is a nice intro: OKR – Objectives and Key Results Methodology, used by […]

10 Ways to Improve Internal Communication

A presentation I did on my old love: internal communications. 10 practical tips on what you as a team leader or manager can do to improve it at your company already today. Read and try it out. Also included tons of stats on internal communications. 10 Ways to Improve Internal Communication from

Presentation: 10 ways to build stronger, more successful teams

Here’s a recent presentation I did about 10 ways for leaders and managers to run their teams better. All practical tips you can implement already today. Have a look: 10 ways to build stronger, more successful teams. Be a better manager. from

When founders get overloaded with tasks

Building startups is tough. As founders, we always have hundred issues in tens of categories on our todo lists. That’s stressful. It seems we have to finish those hundred tasks immediately or the world will crash. So we multitask, shuffle and hustle. Quite often, it drives us crazy. I’ve had many of such days when […]

Startups are like DJ’ing

Many people consider DJ’ing being about playing the music you personally like as a DJ’ing. Working as a DJ 20 years ago I learned you could not be more wrong. It’s about playing music your audience likes and wants. You have to provide the music in the here and in the now, in real time. […]

Giving options in European startups

The author is a serial entrepreneur, micro-angel and co-founder of Weekdone weekly employee status reporting service. To try out Weekdone for free to be up to date with your team’s progress, register here.  This week the CEO of one of the companies I’m involved with came to the board with a question of finalizing the […]