Monthly Archives: May 2005

Estonian Parliament approves Internet-based elections

The Estonian parliament passed a much-debated act providing for the opportunity of electronic voting in local elections. This means every citizen with an electronic ID-card (most people have these) and a smartcard reader on their PC can give their votes in next elections over the Internet, from their home. The first trial of the new […]

Majority of Estonian parties say no to e-elections

Sad news broke off in Estonia yesterday, as the second reading of the e-elections legislation at the Parliament was halted, according to news from Baltic News Service: Estonian parliament fails to reach agreement on e-election TALLINN, May 03, BNS – Estonian lawmakers on Tuesday on the strength of ruling coalition deputies’ votes broke off a […]

Thirteen years on the Internet

Over the years I have archived most of my incoming and outgoing e-mail folders. They serve as a great resource to check out what you were doing 5 or 10 years ago in the exact same day, analyzing what developments there have been over that time. Unfortunately in my case they only start from 1995-1996, […]