Monthly Archives: December 2005

Largest Baltic IT company sold for 25,5 mEUR

Although MicroLink, the leading Baltic IT services company based in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, was sold to local telcos already in the spring, the price of the deal – 25,5 mEUR – came public only now. Some valuation multiples compared to the 2004/2005 financial year results (running from July to June) were: 0,7 times revenues […]

Estonia is the Silicon Valley of the Baltic Sea

There is a nice article about technology companies in Estonia in today’s NY Times. It mentions the usual suspects: Skype, Jürvetson, Playtech, Webmedia, Martinson and others, so does not really give much new information per se. The key thing to understand is what comes out from the quotes: Estonian technology landscape has an ability to […]

Welcome to the Wild, Wild Est!

Want to visit Estonia? Want to know more about Estonia? Visit the campaign site Welcome to the Wild, Wild Est! where you can find some information and register to win 10 wicked weekend passes to Estonia. Dinners, hotels, limo rides and club VIP entrances included. Unfortunately the free plane and ferry tickets are only offered […]

Battle for .eu domains will launch today

Today, December 7th at 11.00 CET will see the strat of issuance of .eu domain names by EURid. It will be quite fun to watch, as it will be a kill or be killed event between trademark and company name holders in different countries and trade mark groups. The first period where prior rights owners […]