Monthly Archives: March 2006

Goodbye iTunes & Napster – allTunes rocks !

For years, people in most countries of the world have been frustrated by the inability to legally buy copyrighted music and videos. Services like iTunes, Napster, Pandora and others are available in a few selected countries only. Anywhere else you just have to go back to pirating, which of course hundreds of millions happily do. […]

Estonia in top of the World Economic Forum IT report

According to the World Economic forum report called The Global Information Technology Report 2005-2006 “Networked Readiness Index,” Estonia is ranked no 23, ahead of all other Central and Eastern European countries. USA, Singapore, Denmark, Iceland and Finland took the first 5 positions. Press release here.

Business 2.0 available in US only

Looking at the page of Business 2.0 magazine it seems they offer subscriptions in US only (no link to them provided on purpose). I tried to search everywhere on their page, but everywhere you click you will find only a US price and US subscription number. Or to be true, they mention also a Canadian […]

Estonian casino software developer Playtech´s successful IPO

Although one of the world´s leading casino software developers and operators Playtech is not an Estonian company per se, all of their software development and system operation is done by a 200-strong team of Estonians. As such congratulations go to their whole team on their last weeks hugely successful IPO on London AIM, which was […]