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Estonia is the least happy country in the world

Actually I lied. Among 178 countries in the world, there are 6 countries which are more unhappy than Estonia: Ukraine, Congo, Burundi, Swasiland and Zimbabwe. This according to the New Economic Foundation study Happy Planet Index (here is the PDF). And guess what – I believe it is all true! Estonians die young, work too […]

Ross Mayfield and Shel Israel on Estonia

One of the big fans of Estonia, Ross Mayfield, had lunch with Shel Israel, who is writing a new book Global Neighborhoods. Shel blogged a bit of how Ross described Estonia and its developments.

Estonia leads in Brainbench certifications

As noted by Jaanus, Estonia is the “most certified nation” per capita according to Brainbench. Everyone can now print out their Estonia-cert, which says: “This award is in recognition of the nation whose people have shown their dedication to making improvements in business and technology by demonstrating their skills, knowledge and abilities as well as […]

Estonia lacks IT people

Come change the world Originally uploaded by JKaljundi. This morning I found a baloon with Skype jobs ad in front of our office quite near to the centre of Tallinn. Unfortunately it never took off, probably because there was no wind. It is almost impossible to find any IT people in Estonia nowadays and Skype […]

Estonian casino software developer Playtech´s successful IPO

Although one of the world´s leading casino software developers and operators Playtech is not an Estonian company per se, all of their software development and system operation is done by a 200-strong team of Estonians. As such congratulations go to their whole team on their last weeks hugely successful IPO on London AIM, which was […]

Largest Baltic IT company sold for 25,5 mEUR

Although MicroLink, the leading Baltic IT services company based in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, was sold to local telcos already in the spring, the price of the deal – 25,5 mEUR – came public only now. Some valuation multiples compared to the 2004/2005 financial year results (running from July to June) were: 0,7 times revenues […]