Monthly Archives: April 2005

Socialtext closes Series B

Ross Mayfield has announced they have now closed their series B financing round. Congratulations to the whole team ! As with the previous round, Ross has not issued a press release like most companies do, instead he has turned the news into a contest of dinding out the details yourself. I probably could not resist […]

On location-aware criteria-based e-mail advertising

It is sometimes hard to understand how little online direct marketing has developed over the last 10 years. I am talking here about location-aware advertising, where in e-mail marketing you get served information, ads and offers that are really relevant to you. Spammers will not do this in the nearest future, true, but well respected […]

Estonian government to invest into venture capital?

The new coalition agreement among Estonian parties once again mentions the need to set up a government-funded venture capital fund to support innovation and development of technology-oriented companies. The initial thoughts have been about a smallish (around 30 mEUR) seed and start-up capital fund, that would invest either on its own, together with private venture […]

How long is long, you jobhoppers?

As someone who has been in the recruitment field it always interests me how long people stay in one job nowadays. Or how short the period should be to be considered jobhopping? Somewhere during this week there is a day when I have been employed by MicroLink for 3 years. Hard to say when exactly, […]