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Interview on ArcticStartup

Antti from ArcticStartup (the best blog on Nordic and Baltic startup scene) was recently nice enough to do an interview with me. If you are interested on opinion rather than facts, I suggest you scroll down to the second part of the posting. Stagnation and domination of large telcos and media companies among top Estonian […]

Nagi 9 months after launch &

AldasK asked in my Nagi launch posting’s comments: “Have read the post about the launch of with interest. More than six months have passed since the launch, though. Can we expect an update on how the service is doing? ” We have been busy, but here is a quick update. Back in March we […]

Nagi successfully launched – 100.000 photos

As you have noticed, I have not had any time to do any blogging in English during the last 3 months. That’s because 2 months ago (although it feels like an eternity) in August we launched Nagi ( – a photo community oriented purely on the Estonian market. Nagi is in some sense similar to […]