Estonia has the most Hummer’s per capita

According to the cover story of Estonian leading daily newspaper Äripäev, Estonia is the world leader in Hummer vehicles per capita. Makes you so proud to be an Estonian. We have a tiny country and we are quite poor, but we have 50 Hummers. And we keep buying more of them. They are just so big and sexy. “Like nothing else,” like their tagline says.

Estonians just love big and expensive cars. You see more of them on our streets than in any other European country. We just laugh when we go to France or Italy and see those tiny Fiats, Opels or Seats. In our country you must have a Toyota Land Cruiser, Mercedes S600, Audi A8 or BMW 7-series. F*ck fuel economy. F*ck the price. We use our last drop of money to buy a car, even before our real estate or other everyday needs. We take loans and leasings and take the most expensive car the bank allows us.

Hopefully every Estonian will have a Hummer one day. We need more Skype’s and Playtech’s for that, but we will get there. Dreams come true.


  1. No doubt that some or perhaps many Estonians drive too expensive cars, but there is no ground to say that there are more expensive cars on the streets here than in any other European country.

    Leaving aside Germany or Switzerland, just go to Romania and take a look, you see many and I mean many exotic cars that you never see in Tallinn.

  2. popular belief – you just din’t get the sarcastic point of this article. But it is good that you have something to say 🙂

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