Startup Bullshit Bingo

Foto NAGI's: Startup Bullshit Bingo

Suggestions welcome: what should the January Edition include?


  1. Umm… isn’t the biggest bullshit startup word “funded”?

    As for entrants to January 2011’s list, surely “Freemium”?

    PS: it’s nice to finally see the back of “gamification”, eyes used to glaze over when I started using it back in 2002. 🙂

  2. Thank goodness somebody is on to this startup nonsense. At least in its heyday actually had, you know, a website. My city and the tech community is starting to get infected by this startup rubbish. No one seems to be, like, you know, actually doing real design and development work, they’re just spouting this startup gibberish.

  3. You forgot “Pitch” as well. Now everything is a “Pitch”… Even a simple discussion becomes an “Elevator Pitch”. What nonsense.

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