Upcoming startup incubator deadlines

UPDATE: Updated list for 2011/2012 available at http://startupin.me/incubators

Original post from 2010:

With so many Y Combinator style startup / seed / idea incubator & accelerator programs out there, you can lose track of upcoming deadlines. So here is a list of upcoming application deadlines for year 2010 (now outdated) for you (click on date for more information):

LaunchBox (Washington, DC, USA): May 31.

Techstars Seattle (Seattle, WA, USA): June 1

Extreme University (Toronto, Canada): June 12

Startup Bootcamp (Copenhagen, Denmark): June 30

Currently not open, coming up later this year:

Seedcamp (London, UK) – with Mini Seedcamp’s across Europe open until July

The Difference Engine (NE England, UK)

Bootup Labs (Vancouver)

Bizdom U (Detroit, USA)

Seed Accelerator (Australia & Singapore)

Past deadlines:

NYC Seedstart (New York City, USA): February 28

The Openfund (Athens, Greece): February 28

i/o ventures (San Francisco, CA, USA): March 1

Y Combinator (Mountain View, CA, USA): March 3

Morpheus (India): March 10

Startl (Philadelphia, PA, USA): March 15

Tech Wildcatters (Dallas, TX, USA): March 19

Techstars Boulder (Boulder, CO, USA): March 22

DreamIt Ventures (Philadelphia, PA, USA): March 22

Betaspring (Providence, RI, USA): March 22

Tetuan Valley (Madrid & Barcelona, Spain): March 23

SproutBox (Bloomington, IN, USA), March 28

iVentures10 (Champaign, IL, USA): March 31

Capital Factory (Austin, TX, USA): April 2

True Entrepreneur Corps (San Francisco, CA, USA): April 2

Excelerate Labs (Chicago, IL, USA): April 2

NextStart (Greenville, SC, USA): April 5

AlphaLab (Pittsburgh, PA, USA): April 8

Shotput Ventures (Atlanta, GA, USA): April 10

Lightspeed Summer Fellowship (Menlo Park, CA, USA): April 15

Please add any other in comments and I’ll update the list.

UPDATE: Updated list for 2011/2012 available at http://startupin.me/incubators


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  2. @Alain Raynaud

    The Founder Institute is ridiculous because it charges a $50/€50 application fee to already cash-strapped start-up founders. They’re probably weeding out their best applicants! The ones who don’t have money, are the ones who will give the most to see a company succeed. I guess they don’t realize that.

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  4. The Founder Institute is an intensive training program and apprenticeship for professionals planning to start a company. These individuals are not cash strapped entrepreneurs. Over 75% of enrolled Founders work in a day job as an engineer, business person or product manager.

    In order to launch a company properly, the enrolled Founders must incorporate, license software, rent server space, hire professionals and do all of the other things that entrepreneurs do. In order to help, the Institute has secured over 40 partnerships with service and technology providers, reducing the cost of launching a credible technology company from over $20,000 USD to approximately $2,500 USD, including the application fee.

    In order to identify the raw talent, the Founder Institute asks applicants to take a comprehensive personality test, so each application costs over $75 to process. The Founder Institute is not an investor nor an incubator, so this is not a pay to pitch scenario. If you can’t afford to set up a company, then you should save money before breaking out on your own. Appreciating that this creating a company is expensive, the Institute reduces the cost by over 9 times.

    I am happy to respond to any questions or thoughts.

  5. Thank you for an explanation, Adeo, and sorry for including your program as a startup seed accelerator. Just in case, we will remove you from the list so not to create any confusion among future startup founders who are looking for seed programs, who are cash-strapped and should never be charged. I agree there is no problem with charging existing companies for business services.

  6. Jüri, great list and interesting comments.

    Jüri and some others are organizing a startup boot-camp event http://garage48.org in April to build new services / products within 48 hours. Not really an incubator, but still nice place to try out ideas.

  7. Can you please remove True Ventures from the list — I think their program doesn’t qualify. It’s a place to work for a pre-existing startup, not to receive seed capital. From their website:

    “True Ventures’ first program partnering undergraduate students with some of our portfolio companies for a summer of learning and innovation. The application deadline is Friday, April 2nd, 2010.”

  8. Another such program based in Maine is Top Gun: http://www.mcedtopgun.biz

    The purpose of the Top Gun program is to identify talented entrepreneurs in Maine and match them with mentors who are helping to guide them in the creation of innovative ventures. We launched the original Top Gun program in August 2009, helped some innovative entrepreneurs and have been able to contribute meaningfully to Maine’s entrepreneurial ecosystem. Applications are open until June 25, 2010.

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